Getting Started with Hosted Exchange Email and Corporate Collaboration.

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Welcome to your new Hosted Exchange Email and Collaboration Service.

Below is a quick-start guide to explain some of the more important features of your new secure email system and how to get the best use out of the system.

By reading the guide, you will save yourself frustration and improve your experience.

  • What is Celeratec Hosted Exchange and how is it different?

    Celeratec Hosted Exchange is a corporate level secure email and collaboration system.
    Exchange is the primary email system used by most of the global companies and is considered the gold-standard for email.

    For the End-User, you will not notice much difference between this system and another system you may have used because you interact with your mailbox using Outlook or Mail and any compatible mobile device.
    Most of the difference is under the hood, specifically pertaining to security and collaboration, the sections below will point out some of the main features and how to best utilize them.

  • Collaboration

    Exchange is designed with inter-office collaboration, from Shared Calendars and Contacts to shared mailboxes.
    - Guide: How To Share Outlook Folders (Inbox, Calendar, Contacts etc.)

  • Password Policy and 2-Factor Authentication

    We protect your account in many ways and one of those is with a strict password policy and 2-factor authentication.
    If you enter the incorrect password to your account too many times we will lock your account and a technician will need to verify your identity before unlocking your account.
    Call us for assistance unlocking your account at 888-423-5372 Option 1.

  • Outlook on the Web (Webmail).

    You can access a web version of your mailbox at Http://
    This is a web based version of Outlook with most of the features present in the full version of Outlook.

  • Inbound Security Filtering.

    We filter all inbound email for malicious content, attachments or senders.
    Since email is the primary vector for hacking attempts, phishing and viruses, these measures help guard your information and your company's reputation.

  • Safe Senders / Whitelisting.

    Sometimes a legitimate sender is blocked from sending your an email or lands up in your junk email.
    If you are using a PC, you can whitelist senders to prevent them from being sent to Junk Mail: Stop Message From Going to Junk Email
    If that does not work or you are using a mac, simply forward the email in question to [service @] and we will whitelist them for you.

  • Attachment Security.

    Some attachments are banned via email because they are harmful.
    This includes any attachment with executable content in it such as a Macro-enabled Word or Excel document.
    If you receive one of these attachments it will be stripped from the email, to retrieve it, send a request to [service @] to have it released.

  • URL Protection.

    We scan all email links for malicious content when you click on the link in an email.
    If we detect malicious content on the site, you will be blocked from visiting the site, contact [service @] for assistance in this case.

    Sometimes you may receive emails from trusted vendors with links frequently.
    We can whitelist the vendor to prevent link scanning at your request, simply forward the email to [service @] for review.

  • Phishing Protection.

    We protect your account from Phishing attempts by adding a higher level of scrutiny to emails purporting to be from a principle.
    These emails will be sequestered in administrative quarantine and unavailable to you.
    If a pripcile is using a personal email address, we should whitelist it to prevent it from being blocked.
    Forward that request to [service @]

  • Email Authentication and Signing.

    We sign all of your outbound email with DKIM and we publish an SPF record for your company.
    This let's recipient email systems validate your email validity and leads to greater trust of your email by the recipient systems increasing your deliverability.

    This does mean that any email not sent via our servers may be blocked or classified as spam.
    If you are using a web server or other application that uses your company domain name, we need to add that system to our list and configure it correctly.
    Send that request to [service @] for assistance.

    We also validate all inbound email with the same mechanisms. 
    If a sender is blocked, it may be due to a configuration error on the senders end and we will provide you with assistance with this when it occurs.
    We often work with the sender's email administrator to get these errors corrected.

  • Artificial Intelligence Guardian.

    Celeratec also uses Artificial Intelligence to safeguard your email.
    See the attached document for details on that system.

That's a quick overview.

Forward any questions or issues to  [service @]  for assistance.

NOTE - Do not use your email password anywhere else. Do not enter your email password into any website other than

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