Minimum Recommended New Computer Specifications

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Minimum Recommended New Computer Specifications
These are the minimum and suggested new computer specifications to ensure at least 3-5 years of reliable service based on 20+ years of service in the computer support industry.
Obviously higher specifications mean a faster machine with a longer life, so choose a machine with the best specifications that you can afford.
As a rule of thumb you can expect to get one year of guaranteed trouble-free use per $500 spent.
Brand - Dell, Lenovo, HP
(These brands have consistently demonstrated quality in design and materials and if you need a part replaced or service, they have the most robust and reliable service programs.)
Memory - 16GB Minimum | 32GB or more Recommended
(More is always better with memory)
Hard Drive - 250GB Minimum | 500GB Recommended
(Choose a Solid State or SSD Hard Drive for longer life, more reliability and faster speed)
These are the three specifications to check, if you follow these three specification recommendations then the processor and other specifications should be in line with a nice machine.
Some secondary specifications which you may also look at to help you determine a good machine are as follows:
Processor - Intel i5 Minimum | Intel i7 Recommended
Battery - 8hr Minimum | 12-24hr  Recommended.
Also for our eProActive clients, please feel free to call while you are at the store looking at models or forward us your online options for a more tailored recommendation.

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