Technical Support, eProActive Maintenance and Requesting Service.

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Welcome to Celeratec eProActive Support Services.

The following article will explain how the systems works, how you can request service for issues you have identified with your system or network and offer some helpful hints and best practices.

  • What is Celeratec eProActive?

    eProActive is a proactive approach to computer management, where we take steps in the background to resolve issues before they impact the use of your machine.
    The goal is to limit work interruptions, reduce or eliminate lost productivity, and thereby also reduce overall user frustration and improve user satisfaction.

    Some of the common functions of the eProActive Client include:

    - Applies operating System updates.
    - Applies updates to other commonly installed Software.
    - Installs and monitors anti-virus software.
    - Remediates viruses and other threats on your machine when detected.
    - Monitors system performance.
    - Detects and reports system crashes.
    - Detects and reports imminent hard drive failure.
    - Applies tried and tested Celeratec recommended system policies.
    - Optimizes the system for improved performance.
    - Reports login failures.
    - Detects and automatically resolves many common system issues where possible.

    - Performs a system inventory.
    - and much more...

  • How do I submit a support request?

    Knowing how to request technical support correctly and escalate your request when needed will improve our service to you and your satisfaction.
    All requests must start with a ticket and your technician will not begin work on any system until a ticket is created.

    If there is a technical reason barring you from creating a ticket via email or the eProActive application, then the technician can create on for you over the phone.

    Tickets help us track requests, ensure that no request goes unanswered and helps us to spot deeper trends indicating a root cause of some issues which we can then use to proactively resolve the same issue for all clients before a request is needed.

    Follow these steps:

    1) Submit your request via email or using the eProActive Application on your computer.

    - The easiest way to submit a request is to send an email to service @ (the spaces in this email address prevent automated spam, remove them before attempting to use)

    - You can also submit a support request using the eProActive software, click here for a brief tutorial.

    2) If your support request is urgent or time-sensitive, then give us a call once you have submitted your request at 888-423-5372 Option 1 to have your request re-prioritized.

    - We automatically triage all requests and address higher level requests first.
    - Most requests are handled within a few minutes to a few hours depending on how we have triaged the request, however we may not realize the importance of your request, so please call if your request requires immediate attention. (P.S. - Escalate your requests responsibly)

    Here are our minimum response times:

  • How to get the most benefit from the eProActive System.

    The eProActive system is designed to perform the majority of it's tasks between 1AM and 4AM local time, including system updates, virus scans, patching, rebooting, etc.

    If your system is offline during the maintenance window, then the system will attempt to perform these actions during the work day when your machine becomes idle for an extended period of time.
    This may be undesirable because your machine may ask to reboot during the work day or may reboot your machine while you are away on a break.

    To avoid interruptions during the work day, you should leave your machine online at night.

    If your machine is a laptop, choose at lease one night a week (Tuesday's and Wednesday are best, but any day will work) to leave your machine online and connected to the Internet.

    Save Your Work Always save your work. Save your work right after starting a document or project and then save your work frequently. Never leave your computer unattended with unsaved work.


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